Séminaire des Doctorants

Le mardi 10 mai 2016 à 17h00 - Salle TD 9.02

David Salas Videla
Smoothness of the Metric Projection onto Nonconvex Bodies in Hilbert Spaces

Based on a fundamental work of R. B. Holmes from 1973, we study differentiability properties of the metric projection onto prox-regular sets. We show that if the set is a nonconvex body with a Cp+1-smooth boundary, then the projection is Cp-smooth near suitable open truncated normal rays, which are determined only by the function of prox-regularity. A local version of the same result is established as well, namely, when the smoothness of the boundary and the prox-regularity of the set are assumed only near a fixed point. Finally, similar results are derived when the prox-regular set is itself a Cp+1-submanifold.

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