Séminaire Algèbre Géométrie Algébrique Topologie Algébrique

Le jeudi 13 septembre 2018 à 11:30 - salle 430

Nikita Markarian
Weyl n-algebras, factorization homology and invariants of manifolds

I will define Weyl n-algebras and explain how they may be used to construct such invariants of 3-manifolds and knots as Axelrod-Singer invariants, perturbative Chern-Simons invariants and the Kontsevich integral. I will explain how to calculate the Kontsevich integral of the unknot by means of this construction. The talk is based on two papers: arXiv:1504.01931 and arXiv:1509.03415. Besides, I hope to discuss some possible further applications and generalizations.

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