Séminaire Algèbre Géométrie Algébrique Topologie Algébrique

Le jeudi 17 janvier 2019 à 11:30 - salle 430

Sibylle Schroll
On gentle algebras and their trivial extensions

In this talk we will describe a geometric surface model for the bounded derived category of gentle algebras. We will give an overview of how this model is related to Homological Mirror Symmetry for surfaces by the work of Haiden, Katzarkov and Kontsevich. In the second half of the talk, we will give a geometric description of the first Hochschild cohomology space of gentle algebras and of their trivial extensions - the so-called Brauer graph algebras allowing us to describe their Lie algebra structure under the Gerstenhaber bracket. (The first part of this talk is based on joint work with Sebastian Opper and Pierre-Guy Plamondon, the second half is based on joint work with Cristian Chaparro and Andrea Solotar).

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